We are Meeting at Oak Hills Country Club on Monday, September 17th.

12325 Golfing Green Dr, Omaha, NE 68137

Just South of Q on 120th Street.
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As part of Kim Saum-Mills’ update about Millard Public Schools at the August 6th meeting, she told us about the #BeKind campaign, which kicks-off with the start of school, this month.
Below is a message from her about this City-wide campaign, so that you are each aware.  The attached flyer explains more about Millard Public Schools’ involvement.
Please contact Kim with questions or for more information and to find out how you can get more involved, yourself, and/or for your company.
Thank you for your support for Millard Public Schools.
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Posted by Leigh Sittenauer on Aug 01, 2018

Happy Birthday!

John Bednar, August 4

John Bothof, August 8

Kim Cafferty, August 10

Virgil Johnson, August 14

Jerry O'Doherty, August 14

Scott Buchholz, August 27

Tom Hansen, August 28

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Dave Bruce - 14 years
Kim Cafferty - 10 years
Bob Cannella- 20 years
Tammy Coleman - 1 year
Dave Endress - 11 years
Adrian Enzastiga - 5 years
Ben Hoy - 1 year
Virgil Johnson - 34 years
Puja Kandel - 1 year
Amanda Kermoade - 1 year
Forrest Newburg - 2 years
Ralph Palmer - 26 years
Julia Petersen - 3 years
Jack Ramaekers - 4 years
Chuck Sederstrom III - 16 years
Leigh Sittenauer - 10 years
Patrick Sittenauer - 1 year
Bonnie Skartvedt - 29 years
Tom Wilkinson - 2 years
Grant Yates - 28 years
Brian Zahm - 16 years
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