Aug 01, 2022
Stephanie Olson
The Set Me Free Project

Stephanie Olson is a speaker, an author, and the CEO of The Set Me Free Project. Stephanie Olson holds a degree in Psychology. Her experience includes:

  • Seven years of curriculum writing and development for women experiencing domestic violence, homelessness, and alcohol and drug addictions.
  • Ten years of educating women in the area of empowerment and intrinsic value.
  • Nine years of educating youth ages 11-18 in healthy relationships, the dangers of human trafficking, and social media safety.‚Äč

Stephanie has had extensive training, research, and study of human trafficking prevention education and social media safety. She is a sought-after speaker on women, youth, human trafficking, and social media safety while leading The Set Me Free Project to help prevent youth and young adults from personally experiencing trafficking.