Feb 12, 2024
Dr. Lindsay Huse, Douglas County Health Director

Dr. Lindsay Huse is the Director of Douglas County Health Department. She holds a Doctorate in Nursing Practice specializing in Public Health, and is board certified as an Advanced Public Health Nurse. She also holds a master’s in public health with concentrations in Epidemiology, Leadership, and Public Health Practice. She is an Adjunct Associate Professor with UNMC College of Public Health and a frequent guest lecturer at Creighton University School of Nursing and presenter at area schools, universities, and other area organizations as well as state and national conferences. Dr. Huse is a published author on the topics of public health and integrative nursing.  Dr. Huse has 23 years of experience across the field of public health in nursing, epidemiology, communicable disease, preparedness and response, inmate medical care, public outreach and education, and has earned accolades for her leadership, public health advocacy efforts, and innovative approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of public health programming. Dr. Huse has been awarded the Wyoming Public Health Association Public Health Advocate award, The University of Colorado at Anschutz College of Nursing’s Outstanding DNP Project Award, and UNMC’s Alumni Association’s Dorothy Patach Spirit of Service Award. Her leadership focus is on serving others, collaborating across organizations, building teams, solving problems, and strategizing new ways to approach the work of building healthy communities.